Pebbles Project was founded in 2004 by a good friend from the UK; Sophia Warner. This is a charity operation that is very relevant to the wine industry as it was originally conceived around the historic evolution of farm workers living and working on wine farms for generations, whose offspring were often affected by foetal alcohol syndrome to their unborn babies, by mothers who were addicted to the abuse of alcohol during pregnancy.

Fortunately, today, much of this past social degradation has been addressed through education by Pebbles, farm owners and other wine industry organisations in order to eradicate this historical part of Cape life. Pebbles Project now employs 53 staff and helps to uplift hundreds of Cape families working in and around the farms of the region, in the form of crèches, pre-primary schools, daycare, clinics and other aspects linked to social and economic up-liftment.

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In 2008 Richard made his first contribution to Pebbles by raising funds in ascending Mount Kilimanjaro; one of the seven summits of the world, and at 5,895m, the highest peak in Africa. If you wish to make an immediate donation to Pebbles, click here


Richard, in October 2008, at Uhuru Peak