The Cape Leopard Trust - Using research as a tool for conservation & finding solutions to human-wildlife conflictCape Leopard Trust Adopt-a-Spot (certificate 2016)

Richard Hilton Vineyards makes an annual donation to the Cape Leopard Trust as this is a cause close to our hearts. Not only an important charity organisation for the preservation of the natural ecosystem and animal kingdom of the Cape, these beautiful creatures are also the pinnacle predator at the top of the apex in the western cape and as such, are key to the circle of animal life in the region, and part of the harmony between farming and nature.

HIlton crest gold and black

Consumers of Richard Hilton Vineyards’ wines will also notice that the logo crest on the bottom left hand corner of the wine labels, illustrates references to Richard’s path traveled: an English rose (representing birth roots), St.Vincent of Saragossa (patron saint of vine-growers) echoing a tribute to several years living in Burgundy, and not least, the Cape leopard.

For more information on the Cape Leopard Trust click here, or for a direct donation please click here.

Cape Leopard

Cape Leopard